Cristian Santander con Zeppelin Rugby Club en 2020

With Zeppelin Rugby Club, February 2020

Who is crist0?

I am Cristian Santander, web developer

I consider myself a Web Forward Gocho (or web developer/designer who plays rugby, if you prefer), walking on the Full Stack side, and I was born in the city of hospitality.

And I understand that having a website on the internet is important for:

Expanding to an extended and global audience.

Making the best impression on customers from the start.

Being visible on any technological device.

Communicating with customers easily and directly.

Offering the product(s) to buyers wherever they may be.

Keeping the site updated in line with technological advancements in the world.

Why move your website forward?

I have over 10 years of professional expierence in designing and developing websites, but I have even more years pushing in the second and first line of a scrum to always move forward, just like a good forward player. Similarly, I push and advance with every project, like the one you have in mind.

Shall we push your website forward together?

crist0 cero

From zero

Let’s design the page you need from the beginning.

Nave espacial crist0

Are you progressing?

Let’s develop the plans you have already advanced.

crist0 Rugby

More about me?

Let’s clear up any remaining doubts to move forward with your project.

Do you want to know more about me?

My first design was at 15 years old for my dad’s company in days of Windows 98

I’ve been playing rugby for over 15 years, starting when I was studying Computer Science at Universidad Nacional Experimental del Táchira

I’m a metalhead who loves to party (dance and sign). I even had a band where I was the screamer (singer).

Grav iconThe universe and everything related to it always excite and interest me.

I’ve been living in Leipzig since 2022.

warning Be careful, I enjoy bad jokes and dark humor.

927 My favorite colors are black and white, seeking balance between extremes, of course.

My favorite number is 0 (zero), hence to play on words and number in my name.

Cristian Santander con Táchira Titanes Rugby Club en 2017

Con Táchira Titanes Rugby Club, abril 2017

¿Aún no te convences?

Te puedo ofrecer hasta 30 servicios sinceros, osea 3 servicios.

¿Chiste malo? Te lo advertí.

Pero aun así, cada servicio sincero, incrementa el valor de lo que necesitas.

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